10 Alpine iLX-W650 Problems & Solutions (Ultimate Guide)

Are you the proud owner of an Alpine iLX-W650 car head unit but recently experienced some frustrating issues with it? 

Don’t worry; you’re not alone! While this device is known for its impressive features and top-notch sound quality, some users have reported encountering problems that can put a damper on the driving experience.

Don’t worry, as In this article; I’ll discuss with you the 10 most common Alpine iLX-W650 Problems and solutions. 

Alpine iLX-W650 

The Alpine iLX-W650 is a sleek and stylish head unit that gives your car an extraordinary look.

This head unit packs a punch with its 7-inch touchscreen display, crisp audio quality, and Bluetooth connectivity that allows you to stream your favorite music directly from your phone.

Plus, its compact design means it will only take up a little space in your car. And let’s remember the convenience of having a built-in navigation system to help you get to your destination hassle-free. 

Alpine iLX- W650 Problems & Solution

10 Alpine iLX-W650 Problems & Solutions (Ultimate Guide)

Many Alpine users have been constantly reporting some common problems with this head unit. The problems like difficulty accessing the menu, discussing Android Auto and Carplay over and over again, etc.

If you’re also having any of these issues with your Alpine W650, then now I’m going to tell you about 19 Alpine issues and their solutions. So, let’s dive in.

Alpine iLX-W650 Firmware issues

A lot of users have reported issues with the firmware of their Alpine iLX-W650 head unit. These issues include slow screen performance, poor sound quality, crashes, and connection issues with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. 

Usually, outdated software or interrupted updates result in firmware issues like these. So, what’s the solution?


When it comes to firmware issues, they can easily be solved by updating the Alpine head unit. First, ensure you have a stable internet connection to prevent the update from getting interrupted.

Once you have a good internet connection, you can update the head unit by following the steps mentioned below.

  • Head over to the Alpine USA website and download the latest firmware update file from there.
  • Since that would be a zip file, extra that on your system and then save that in an empty USB device.
  • Now, you have to put the USB device into the USB port of your Alpine head unit. 
  • The head unit will detect the firmware update and prompt you to start the update process.
  • To finish the firmware update procedure, adhere to the on-screen directions.
  • Remove the USB device from the head unit after the update is finished.
  • Check to see if any problems have been fixed by the firmware upgrade by restarting the head unit.

By following these issues, you should be able to update your Alpine Head unit. 

Alpine iLX-W650 Android Auto and Carplay Issues:

10 Alpine iLX-W650 Problems & Solutions (Ultimate Guide)

Android Auto and Apple Carplay are two of the best and most useful features of the Alpine iLX-W650 head unit. 

However, some users have reported that their Android Auto and Apple Carplay keep disconnecting from their phones over and over again.

They have to connect it to the phone several times, but the issue remains the same. This issue is usually caused by the low-quality cable that comes with the head unit.


The solution is simple: replace the cable with a high-quality one, and you’ll surely be able to fix the issues just like other users did.

Alpine iLX-W650 No Sound

Are you experiencing an issue with your Alpine iLX-W650 car audio system where there’s no sound coming out of the speakers? 

Don’t worry; I know how frustrating that can be. There are several potential causes, including a shaky connection, muted audio, or a software error. 


  • First, check if the audio is muted or the volume is turned down low. Sometimes it can be as simple as that. If that’s not the issue, check if all the wires and connections are securely plugged in.
  • Try restarting the system by cutting off the power for a while and then reconnecting it if everything appears to be connected properly.
  • If none of these solutions work, the software could have a problem, so try updating the firmware to the latest version. And if you’re still having issues, it may be time to seek professional help from a car audio technician who can diagnose and fix the problem.

Alpine iLX-W650  Bluetooth Problems

Sometimes, the built-in Alpine iLX-W650 head unit’s Bluetooth keeps connecting again and again. And this is quite annoying as it distracts you while driving and also keeps you from listening to your favorite songs. 

The issue could be caused by a faulty Bluetooth module or a weak Bluetooth signal. So, what’s the solution?


The solution is simple: pair your phone with the head unit once and again and see if it works fine. That’s the only solution to this issue. 

However, if the Bluetooth doesn’t work fine and keeps disconnecting no matter how many times you try, it’s time to seek professional help or talk to the Alpine support team. 

If the head unit is under warranty, you can return it to the Alpine company or replace it with a new one.

Alpine iLX-W650 Touch Screen Not Working.

If you’re having trouble with your Alpine iLX-W650 touchscreen not working, you’re not alone. This problem may arise for a number of causes, including a software bug or a physical issue.

But don’t fret; there are some solutions you can try to get your touch screen up and running again.


If your Alpine iLX-W650 touchscreen isn’t responding, you can give a shot at the following steps to get rid of it.  

  • First, try a soft reset by holding the power button for 10 seconds. 
  • If that doesn’t work, check for a software update on Alpine’s website and install it according to their instructions. 
  • If the issue persists, it may be a hardware issue, and you should contact Alpine’s customer support for assistance. 
  • Make sure the touch screen is also free of any dirt or debris that could affect how it works. With these solutions, you can get your touch screen working again and enjoy your car audio system to the fullest.

Alpine iLX-W650 Parking Brake Bypass

If you’re trying to watch a movie or use certain features on your Alpine iLX-W650 car audio system, you may run into an issue where the system requires you to engage the parking brake before allowing access to those features.

This can be frustrating, especially if you’re parked in a safe location and just want to enjoy some entertainment while waiting. Luckily, there’s a solution to bypass the parking brake restriction and access those features without engaging the brake.


You can follow the below-mentioned steps to fix this issue:

  • Install a parking brake bypass module: This device will trick the system into thinking the parking brake is engaged, bypassing the parking brake restriction. Depending on the module, the installation procedure may vary, thus pay close attention to the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Ground the parking brake wire: Locate the parking brake wire on the back of the head unit and use a switch or wire to ground it. This will also trick the system into thinking the parking brake is engaged and bypass the restriction. Again, the installation process may vary depending on the switch or wire used, so follow instructions carefully.
  • Check local laws and regulations: Disabling the parking brake restriction may be illegal in some states, so it’s a must to be aware of your local laws and regulations before bypassing the restriction.

Alpine iLX-W650 Settings Greyed Out

Have you ever encountered an issue where the settings on your Alpine iLX-W650 car audio system are greyed out, and you’re not able to make any changes? This issue can be hell annoying, especially if you’re trying to customize your audio settings or adjust the display.

The problem is usually caused by the unit not recognizing that the parking brake is engaged. The parking brake is a safety feature that prevents the driver from accessing certain features while the car is in motion. 

If the unit doesn’t detect that the parking brake is engaged, it may lock out certain settings to comply with safety regulations.


Here’s how you can solve the problem step by step:

  • Before you start the automobile, make sure the parking brake is in the on position.
  • Check to see if the head unit’s parking brake wire is connected correctly. This wire is in charge of figuring out when the parking brake is applied.
  • Try reverting the head unit back to factory settings if the problem still exists despite the wire being correctly attached. This will remove any customizations and settings, but it might fix the issue.
  • You might need to contact Alpine’s customer service for more help if the problem continues.

These steps should help you fix the problem and get back access to your Alpine iLX-W650 settings.

Alpine iLX-W650 Icons Not Working

You’re not alone if you’re having trouble with the icons on your Alpine iLX-W650 car audio system. This issue can occur when the icons on the touchscreen become unresponsive or don’t work as they should. 


  • Restart the system: A simple restart can often fix the issue. You can do that by pressing and holding  the power button for a few seconds to turn the unit off. And then you can turn it back on again.
  • Update the firmware: Check if there are any available firmware updates for your system on Alpine’s website, and follow their instructions for installation.
  • Check the connections: Ensure all cables and connections are securely plugged in and not damaged.
  • Calibrate the touchscreen: Go to the settings menu and look for the “Touchscreen Calibration” option. Follow the instructions to calibrate the touchscreen.
  • Reset the unit to factory settings: If none of the above solutions work, you may need to reset the unit to its factory settings. Refer to the user manual for instructions on how to do this.

Alpine iLX-W650 Won’t Turn On.

So, you want to listen to your favorite songs in your car while enjoying your journey. But when you try to turn on your Alpine iLX-W650 head unit, it doesn’t turn on.

The issue with the Alpine iLX-W650 not turning on could be due to various reasons. One possible reason is that the radio is not fully booting up and only displays the Alpine logo. Another possible reason is a blown fuse on the Alpine wire to the battery.


  • If necessary, inspect the fuse on the unit’s battery lead and replace it with a suitable replacement.
  • In order to install the radio, make sure the battery is unplugged.
  • To make sure none of the fuses within the car or under the hood have blown, check them all.
  • If the problem continues, try drilling a hole and fastening the Alpine ground to the car directly.
  • Try resetting the radio or getting in touch with Alpine customer support if the radio powers on but never fully starts up.
  • Try unlocking the radio’s settings menu if the touchscreen isn’t responding, or get in touch with Alpine customer service for more help.

Alpine iLX-W650 Device Not supported.

The Alpine Device not supported issue is quite common among Alpine users. W650 could be due to various reasons. 

One possible reason is that the phone is not compatible with the Android Auto feature of the radio. Another possible reason is that the phone’s software or Android Auto app is not up to date.


Follow the below-listed instructions to fix this issue. 

  • Check the phone’s compatibility with the Android Auto feature of the radio.
  • Ensure that the phone’s software and Android Auto app is up to date.
  • Try using a different USB cable, as the cable provided by Alpine may need to be better.
  • If the issue persists, try a firmware update, but be aware that it could potentially break Android Auto for some users.
  • If none of the above steps work, it is recommended to contact Alpine customer support for further assistance.

These are all the Alpine iLX-W650. issues and their solutions.

Final Words:

The Alpine iLX-W650 is a great car audio system, but some users have reported common problems with it, such as firmware issues, Android Auto and CarPlay connectivity issues, no sound, Bluetooth problems, and the touchscreen not working. 

However, now you know about all of these Alpine iLX-W650 problems and their solutions. That’s it. You can use the comment area to ask any more questions about the subject.


Is Alpine iLX-W650 worth it?

Absolutely! The Alpine iLX-W650 car audio system is worth it for its high-quality sound, user-friendly interface, and compatibility with both Android and iOS devices.

Does Alpine iLX-W650 have a built-in amplifier?

Yes, it does! The Alpine iLX-W650 car audio system has a built-in amplifier with a maximum power output of 50 watts per channel.

Is Alpine a good brand for radio?

Alpine is a great brand for car audio systems, including radios. They are known for their high-quality sound, innovative features, and reliable performance.

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