When it comes to the most fashionable and well-known head units, the Pioneer DEH-S6220Bs always come out on the list.

But is this head unit worth going after? To find out the answer, I did deep bought and tested it for a month to confirm how good it is for the bucks.

In my Pioneer DEH-S6220Bs review, I’ll tell you what I liked and disliked about this head unit and how it performed. Let’s dive into the review now!

Pioneer DEH-S6220BS Review 2023

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Key Specs

Phone Integration: Voice control, USB and Bluetooth connectivity |Speaker: Yes| Equalizer13 bands Customizable Graphic Equalizer| Touch ScreenNo | Radio: Yes| ConnectivityBluetooth, USB Playback & Charging, Auxiliary, RCA |Back Camera: No| Music Streaming: Pandora®, Spotify®, SiriusXM- Ready™ | Voice Assistant: Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant




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4.6/5 by 296+ Users at Amazon

4.5/5 by 118+ users at Crutchfield

4.5/5 by 470+ users at Best Buy

Sound Quality
Design & Display
Phone Integration
Playback Features
Ease of Use
Value For Price

Our Verdict

The Pioneer DEH-S6220BS head unit is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a high-quality and feature-packed car audio system. It’s especially suitable for those who prioritise ease of use, convenient installation, and a wide range of features, including Bluetooth, USB connectivity, multi-zone audio, and backup camera integration.


  • Wide range of features
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Simple installation process
  • Multi-zone audio support
  • Backup camera integration
  • Bluetooth connectivity


  • No touchscreen display
  • No WiFi or NFC support
  • Slightly more expensive than some competitors

What Other Experts Say?

Overall Rating by 3 Experts



“It can be used to build sound systems with many different tonal qualities and performance levels.”

Detailed Breakdown of Pioneer DEH-S6220BS


Sound Quality

If I talk about the sound quality of the Pioneer DEH-S6220B head unit, then it’s exactly what an audiophile like me wants. The sound is so clear and crisp, and it has a deep bass that shakes my body.

Thanks to the 13-band equaliser system that this head unit comes with, It has all of the options for what I can control and how I can fine-tune the sound I’m listening to. 

Due to the 13-band equaliser, I could set the frequency of my sound 13 times, which means I can go with the sound frequency that suits my taste.

The unit uses advanced digital signal processing to eliminate distortion and produce clear, crisp sound. Additionally, the built-in DAC ensures that music is played back in high fidelity.

  • Amplifier: Available
  • Equalizer : 13-band graphic equalizer
  • Sound Processing Features: 13-band graphic equalizer, loudness and sub-woofer controls, Time Alignment
  • DAC: Available
  • Preamps: Front, Rear/SUB, and Subwoofer
  • Power Output: 200 watts

Design & Display

The Pioneer DEH-S6220BS has a stylish design with a black faceplate and blue LED lighting. The multi-line LCD display is easy to read and has many features. It doesn’t have a touchscreen display, but that’s okay as long as it helps you with the sound, which it does.

The buttons and controls are well-placed and easy to reach. The unit also has a detachable faceplate for added security against theft. Overall, the design and display of the DEH-S6220BS are impressive and user-friendly.

And the thing that made me a fan of this head unit is its colour illumination, which allows me to customise the colour of the display to match the lighting and the colour of my car. Isn’t that amazing?

Even though the head unit display has quite a high brightness, it still becomes less visible in daylight.

  • Touch Screen:Not Available
  • Durability: Made of plastic and metal
  • Capacitive vs. Resistive: Not available
  • High Brightness for sunlight: 200 nits

Smartphone Integration

Pioneer DEH-S6220BS Review 2023

The Pioneer DEH-S6220BS head unit is a solid choice for anyone looking for a car stereo system with smart integration features.

While it doesn’t have Android Auto or Apple CarPlay, it does have some great features, including voice control, Bluetooth connectivity, and NFC pairing for quick and easy smartphone pairing.

The voice control feature is particularly impressive, allowing you to change the radio station, adjust the volume, or make a phone call with just a few spoken words.

In terms of app integration, the Pioneer DEH-S6220BS has compatibility with popular music streaming services like Spotify and Pandora, so you can control these apps directly from the head unit’s touchscreen display.

However, if you’re looking for more extensive app integration options, you may want to consider a different head unit.

Additionally, this head unit does not have screen mirroring capabilities, so you won’t be able to mirror your smartphone’s screen on the head unit’s display.

Overall, the smart integration features of the Pioneer DEH-S6220BS are solid but not as extensive as those of other head units on the market.

  • Android Auto/ Apple Airplay :Not Available
  • Voice control: Alexa
  • Wireless: Available
  • Other app Integration : Available


Pioneer DEH-S6220BS Review 2023

When it comes to the connectivity of the Pioneer DEh-S6220B’s head unit, I loved how fast its Bluetooth connects to my devices. It can connect to two devices at once, and that happens automatically.

The Pioneer DEH-S6220BS has a USB port on the front of the unit, which means you can plug in your smartphone, tablet, or other compatible device and play music directly from it. You can also use the USB port to charge your devices.

Moving on to NFC, or near-field communication. This technology allows you to connect your smartphone to the head unit by simply tapping it against the NFC logo on the front of the stereo system. It’s a quick and easy way to pair your phone with the head unit and start streaming music.

Unfortunately, this head unit neither has WiFi nor HDMI, which is quite a flaw, I guess.

  • Bluetooth: Available
  • USB Connectivity: Available
  • WiFi: Not Available
  • NFC: Available
  • HDMI: Not Available

Playback Features

Starting with navigation, it’s important to note that this head unit does not have built-in navigation. While some users may find this disappointing, others may prefer to use their smartphone’s navigation app instead.

However, it does have camera support, allowing you to connect a backup camera to the head unit for added safety while reversing.

Moving on to multi-zone audio, this head unit, unfortunately, does not have this feature. This means that you won’t be able to play different audio sources in different zones of your car, which may be a dealbreaker for some users.

When it comes to digital media support, the Pioneer DEH-S6220BS is a solid choice. It has a wide range of digital media support, including MP3, WMA, and AAC files. 

Additionally, it has compatibility with USB drives and SD cards, making it easy to play your favourite music directly from your digital media device.

Another great feature of this head unit is its compatibility with steering wheel controls. If your car already has steering wheel controls for the radio, you can use them with this head unit for added convenience and safety while driving.

  • Navigation: Not Available
  • Camera Support: Available
  • Multi-Zone Audio: Not Available
  • Digital Media Support: Available
  • Compatibility with Steering Wheel Controls: Yes, it’s compatible with steering wheels
  • Backup Camera Integration: Available

Ease of Use

The Pioneer DEH-S6220BS head unit has a simple and easy-to-use interface that doesn’t require a touchscreen. The buttons and knobs are well-placed and intuitive, allowing for easy adjustment of settings while driving.

The thing that I liked the most about this head unit is how easy it is to install. All of the instructions that it comes with are easier to follow. However, if you think you’re not experienced at all in installing the head units, then please seek professional help so that you may not make any mistakes.


Value for money 

The Pioneer DEH-S6220BS head unit provides excellent value for money, with a wide range of features that are usually only found in more expensive models. Its easy-to-use interface and simple installation process make it a great choice for those who are new to car audio systems.


User Review

Let’s take a look at user reviews for the Pioneer DEH-S6220BS. It has received a total of 884 reviews and has an overall rating of 4.6 out of 5 on Amazon from 296 buyers, 4.5 out of 5 on Crutchfield from 118+ users and 4.5 out of 5 on Best Buy from 470+ users. It shows it is a good product and you can bet on it on your money.

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