Single DIN VS Double DIN - Which One Is The Best For You?

Upgrading your car’s stereo system is like giving yourself a new gift of the best entertainment. However, every car owner is curious about the difference between Single Din and Double Din. Which one should you go for?

Quick Answer: The double din outperforms the single din in terms of features, usability, screen size, and other customization options. However, if all you want is clean, clear sound, you can go with a single-din system.

Single DIN VS Double DIN/ A Quick Comparision Table

Single Din Double Din 
Requires Very Little Space To FitRequire more space because of the double size and more features.
Very Easier to InstallCan be a little difficult to install because of the big size.
Very CheapThis is quite expensive.
Best For Small carsCan’t fit in small cars
Has limited FeaturesIt has many features including a rearview camera, GPS, Bluetooth, and others.
It has a Small ScreenA big screen which makes everything easier to see. 
It doesn’t have a touchscreenMost of the double din come with a touchscreen which makes navigating easier.

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Single Din And Double Din Car Stereo Systems/ A Quick Overview

Before we go ahead with the topic and the differences between the two stereotype systems, let’s quickly see what they exactly are.


Single DIN VS. Double DIN - Which One Is The Best For You?

A stereo with a 2-inch tall (and 7-inch wide) connection is called a single-DIN stereo. It is quite common for car owners to have single-din head units. 

Because they’re quite cheap compared to the double din. Owners of small cars love single-din units as they take up very little space in their cars.

Double Din

Single DIN VS. Double DIN - Which One Is The Best For You?

The term “double DIN” is simply a reference to your head unit’s height, which is double compared to a single DIN. 

DIN stands for Deutsches Institut für Normung, a German organisation that sets industry standards.

The best thing about double-din stereo systems is that they offer more features compared to single-din systems.

Because they have a lot of space to fit these features. Also, they’re more suitable for big cars, which have the capacity to fit them.

The most common features that you can see in a double-din are a touchscreen display, GPS navigation, and DVD playback. 

However, more benefits always come at a higher cost, so you’ll need to have more money in your pocket to get a double DD.

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Single Din VS Double Din/ Differences!

What are the differences between a single DIN and a double DIN? You must have this question on your mind. So let’s see what the differences are.

  • Size 

There is a 74-inch faceplate on the double DIN units. In contrast, the faceplate of a single DIN head unit measures 72 inches. Compared to a single DIN stereo head, a double DIN stereo head is twice as tall.

  • Usability

One of the primary differences between single DIN and double DIN is usability. In the second type, space is more limited, but the user experience is superior thanks to a camera option, integration with phone apps, and other features.

  • Features 

Both stereos come with different features, which is another major difference. There are more features on the two DIN heads compared to the single DIN heads. 

Most of them have a large touchscreen that makes using the stereo easier. Single DIN models, however, are functional and offer useful features.

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Which is better double DIN or single DIN?

Now comes the most important question: which one is better, single din or double din? It depends on your budget and whether you’re looking for an in-room stereo system.

If you’re willing to get a touchscreen display, advanced sound controls, and a futuristic-looking stereo, then it’s best to get a double stereo.

However, to get this Din, you need to have deep pockets. Also, remember that the sound quality of double din is not as good compared to the single din.

Thus, if you have a little budget, don’t care about the looks, and don’t need any advanced options, you can go for a single din.

Now, let’s see what factors to consider when buying a car stereo system.

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Car Stereo System: A Buying Guide!

Whenever you go to the market to get your eyes on a car stereo system, the following are the factors that you have to consider:

  • Audio Source

There is a conventional CD player as well as an AV receiver. Modern options should also be considered. With the new kids on the block (kids being stereos), you can connect an auxiliary or USB cable for input.

  • Radio

Radio isn’t something we usually listen to here. It is still useful to have a radio. There are many car stereos that have a built-in radio, but you should look for one that supports satellite radio or HD Radio.

  • Smart Features

Make sure your stereo system has smart features. Android Auto and Apple CarPlay make using your entertainment system easier and more convenient. The interfaces are very nice, and you can play your Spotify or Apple Music library seamlessly.

When purchasing a stereo system for your car, you need to consider the following factors.

Final Words!

Single DIN vs. double DIN: which one should you go for? It depends on you. If you prefer having more advanced sound controls and features, then you can go for double din. However, if you want the best sound quality, go with single-din.

That’s all I had for you in this article. If you have any questions related to the topic, then let me know in the comment section below. Let me answer a few of your most frequently asked questions now. Let’s do that quickly.


1) What does single din or double din mean?

The DIN number refers to the size of your car stereo. The majority of car stereos come in two sizes. There are two types of DINs: single DIN and double DIN. Therefore, most modern vehicles have either a single or double DIN dash receptacle.

2) How do you know if a car is single or double DIN?

Single DIN car radios can be identified by measuring them. Radios with a height of fewer than two inches are most likely single DINs. If it’s more than four inches tall, then it’s double DIN.

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